Cooking roast pork on Weber Q

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How to cook roast pork on your Weber Q is a straight forward process ,  follow these simple steps and you will be eating the best roast pork that you have ever tasted , It literally will melt in your mouth. I have based the following cooking times and steps on a 1.5kg roll roast pork. If you are using a larger piece then I will let you know the cooking times at the end. As always with roast pork ensure that you leave the pork out of the refrigerator for at least 2 hours prior to cooking , this will allow the meat to come to room temperature.

how to roast pork in Weber Q

Preparing my roast pork for the Weber Q

One of the most important parts of any roast pork is ensuring that the crackling is crunchy but soft at the same time , now using a sharp knife , you will need to score the top of the rind , firstly cut vertically down the rind and then horizontally across , remember to cut through the rind all the way down to the fat , this ensures that the juices from the fat rise back onto the rind. Now spray or baste the entire outside of the rind with lots of oil, the next step is very important , use at least a handfull of salt and rub it all over the rind top and bottom , now allow this to sit for at least 30minutes before you start cooking. This will be the best roast pork ever

Preparing your weber Q for cooking your roast pork

You will definitely need to use a Weber roasting skillet , now firstly you must fold some aluminum foil , use a double layer this will sit under the roasting skillet and directly on the grill , this creates a barrier between the grills and the bottom of your roasting pork , now put your roasting skillet over the top of the foil and carefully cut slits within the foil to allow the juices and fat to run and drip into the tray below. The slits should be in between the grilling sections as per the diagram. Okay so now start up the Weber Q on high , close the lid and let it pre-heat for around 20 minutes , this is vital , do not shorten this period as it needs to have a good pre-heat for pork.

Getting the perfect crackling on your Weber Q

Once the Weber Q has pre-heated , place the roast pork in the BBQ and let cook on high for 25minutes , do not open the lid during this time , at the end of 25 minutes , lift the the lid and you will see that your crackling is now perfect , close the lid ,  reduce your Weber Q setting to roasting and set your timer for 1 Hour 5 minutes – do not open the cover during this period. At the end of the time open the lid and you will see the most unbelievable piece of roast pork sitting in front of you. Now it is extremely important at this point that you let the roast pork remain and rest inside the Weber with the lid closed for approximately 20 minutes . This allows for all the juices to flow through the pork, after around 20 minutes you can now cut and prepare for serving.

Cooking times for the Weber Q and cooking times for roast pork are based on the following –  30 minutes of cooking for every 1lb or 500 gms , this will ensure the best roast pork ever on your Weber Q