How to get a fantastic six pack abs without going to the gym is completely possible, many health fitness instructors will always confirm that your core strength is radiated from your abs or stomach muscles. This region of our body provides systemic strength and conditioning that allows us to function in a healthy lively manner. It is definately an advantage to have tight abs or as commonly referred to as a six pack. Follow these easy steps and within 2 weeks you will be noticing a definate change within you abdominal area and you will be well on your way to a six pack of abs.

six pack abs

1. Week 1 –  Every morning before you spring into the shower allow your self an extra 10 minutes, position your self on the end or side of the bed, sitting up with feet touching the floor, what we are going to do here is retract and expand our stomach muscles, this is the whole basis of how we can achieve strong abdominal area, firstly retract your muscles or suck your stomach in, now it is very important that you hold your stomach in for at least 10 seconds, this will increase gradually as time goes on, now after 10 seconds release and relax for 30 seconds, repeat this excercise for 5 times. – This is to be repeated every morning for the first week,  then every week after that increase the amount of time that you retract your stomach muscles. – A good target is that at the end of around 6 weeks you should be holding in for around 1 minutes.

2. Week 2 – During this second week of obtaining our six pack of abs we are going to now include a second exercise that we will do at night before going to bed, again position your self on the edge or side, feet touching the ground, now as our previous excercise we do in the mornings we are going to retract our stomach muscles in short sharp movements, for instance basically just suck your stomach in hold for 1sec and release, relax for 2 seconds and repeat. This process should be repeated 10 times rest for 2 minutes and then complete a total set of 5.

3. Week 3 – by now we are well on our way of feeling better , having tighter abs and working on getting our six pack of abs going, you will probably be noticing by now that you stomach muscles are nearly over feeling sore, this generally takes around 3 weeks to subside, but keep in mind, generally when our muscles are sore is when we are working them well and achieving some results.

How to get a six pack of abs is really about maintaining the above routine and excercising them in the morning and night, after your six weeks, you will then be able to progress to basically retracting your muscles when you are a basically doing anything, ie watching tv or walking or sitting at your desk typing. If you find any discomfort whilst doing the above excerise just stop and wait a fews and commence from the start again.