Let me show you an easy and effective way of making swag curtains or swags and tails, many commercial workrooms that produce soft furnishings or curtains have a set method of creating the most traditional shape or header that we can introduce onto a window. Follow these easy steps and I guarantee that you will be able to produce a beautiful swag curtain or swag and tails that will make you the envy of your friends and family. Swags are generally used to soften an area of window covering and complete a look that compliments your home.

How to make swag curtains

Step 1 РMeasure your window width and add an extra 100mm, this will allow for the overhang that we want and will provide a full coverage to your new window style incorporating your new swag or swags and tails. I will use the following example that my finished size of the window is approximately 2100mm wide. We are going to use a material that is basically  plain  or slightly textured in design and run it lengthways across the window. Most materials used for curtains or soft furnishings is either 1200mm wide or 1400mm wide. If your window is 2100mm in width then we will need approximately 2500mm of material for our first step РRemember to add an extra 400mm of material on to your first width measurements. This is how we achieve a requirement of 2500mm material.

Step 2 –¬† Generally we will create a swag every 700mm of window width, ie if our window is 2100mm wide then this window will have at least 3 swags, now firstly I need you to create 4 strips of material approximately 50mm in width by 300mm in length, these are called our swag bands or swag holders.

Step 3 – You will need to purchase a piece of timber that is 2100mm wide and the depth of the timber needs to be at least 150mm, this will allow for the swag curtain or swags and tails to extend out over your existing roller blind or curtain. The Thickness of the material is generally 19mm. Now on the font of the timber you will need to staple some hook velcro tape, this is generally available at most craft or hardware stores. Very importantly ensure that you extend the tape around the corners of the headboard.

Step 4 – You will now need to cut you material to the exact width of the headboard including the returns around the side, for example if the width of the headboard is 2100mm, we need also to add on the projection of the swag headboard which in our example is 150mm, so overall we have to allow 2100mm , 150mm plus 150mm , this will total 2400mm, this is our exact measurement to cut the material. after we have cut the material we will now sew on the opposite side of the velcro tape, when sewing this tape to the material along width ensure that you allow at least 1cm down from the top as this will form the frill or header that hides swag and tails headboard.

Step 5 – Now lay the swag curtains headboard on its side and attach the material to the headboard using the velcro tape that you have sewn on, we are now going to use our swag bands, staple the four bands on to the top of the headboard , positioning them as follows , 1 band on each end approximately 1cm in, space the other 2 bands out in equal distances, now once you have done this pull the band over the material , up and under and staple it to the inside of the swags headboard. and voila guess what you have created a modern swag effect. On the returns that go back to the wall create 2 new bands approximately 20mm in length, and repeat the above process. This will form the tail.

Well done , you have created a swag curtain or swags and tails that has taken less than an 1.5hours to complete.